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Jun 23, Sat, 2018
The Jacob Hamilton Band
Jacob Hamilton is a rock musician from Midland, Ontario, Canada.
He was the founding member and drummer of Central Ontario band X Among Y who placed runner-up in Rock95FM's 2006 Local and Loud contest in Barrie ON.
After the dissolution of X Among Y, Hamilton founded a new project in the electronic genre called 'Techstasy', as a keyboardist and vocalist. Relocating temporarily to Toronto ON to pursue Techstasy full time, he also joined the alternative rock band The Android Meme, and signed to Magna Carta Records in 2010. Hamilton ultimately left The Android Meme to pursue new projects in 2011. He soon after co-founded the band 'Between Transit', but left the group in 2013 due to creative differences, and the band changed it's name to 'Crisis Ctrl Club'.
In 2015, Hamilton served as the drummer in Legally Blonde: The Musical, presented by the Georgian Bay Musical Theatre Company. The show ran for 9 dates and sold out in the first three weeks of ticket sales. Immediately following the end of Legally Blonde's run, he co-founded the hardcore-punk band 'Kasady', serving once more as drummer.In July of 2017, Hamilton released his debut LP 'Moments Worth Living In (?)', his first ever solo effort, on which he performs all vocals and instruments. In July of 2017, Hamilton released his debut LP 'Moments Worth Living In (?)', his first ever solo effort, on which he performs all vocals and instruments. In July of 2017, Hamilton released his debut LP 'Moments Worth Living In (?)', his first ever solo effort, on which he performs all vocals and instruments.
In August of 2017, Hamilton served as the drummer in Rock of Ages: The Musical, presented by the Georgian Bay Musical Theatre Company. The show ran for 11 dates to sell out crowds.
Jacob Hamilton continues to support both his solo effort, as well as drumming for Kasady.
Jun 29, Fri, 2018
Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints
Aaron Allen And The Small City Saints is the brainchild of Aaron . Debuting as a solo artist in mid 2000, Aaron created a buzz for himself amongst the country/folk and bluegrass scene in Southern Ontario.
The Small City Saints have seen numerous members over the years. The band currently consists of Juno award winner Dan Broadbeck, Tara Dunphy (of The Rizzdales), Glen "Archie" Gamble (formerly of Helix/The Joys), Corey Cameron and Simon Larrochette.
Cory Levesque
Violently Honest Acoustic Songs.
Cory sings about the simplicity of living in the country, off a gravel road, four walls, a bed, a home… Warming your house with the wood you chopped.
With special guests:
Ivan River (Folk)
and Pat Fockler( Blues)
Jul 06, Fri, 2018
Jessica Speziale
Sultry, rich and fresh are a few words that fans, reviewers and media have used to describe this Toronto musician's powerhouse voice. A musical force to be reckoned with, Jessica Speziale delivers her version of acoustic pop/rock with the intent of Serena Ryder and the soul of Alicia Keys.
Since 2010, Jessica has been performing around Southern Ontario both acoustically and with her 4-piece band in venues ranging from the Windfall Eco Festival on an outdoor stage in Newmarket to the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.
Recently, Jessica won second place in two local Battle of the Bands and her song Turn Me On was song of the Month for May and came in as song #3 in the Song of the Year countdown on Centennial College Radio show, The Original Soundtrack.
Across the Board
Across The Board (ATB) is an award-winning Canadian indie rock/Americana band of multi-instrumentalist musicians with over 160 Youtube videos, debut album and an upcoming EP, who seamlessly combine creative talents to push their pop-rock sounds to the edge of the rock 'n roll envelope.
With harmonious power vocals and catchy electric guitar riffs ATB's sound is elevated to percussive awesomeness with heart breaking, gut shaking, knee-buckling beats. ATB offers a critical chemistry of smooth musical transitions, lush harmonies and infectious lead electric guitar riffs, having developed the unique ability to bond immediately with their audiences--both on air and in live performances-- reflecting their commitment to providing the ultimate live music experience to fans. They are addicting to listen to and even more fun to watch perform.
Jul 07, Sat, 2018
Lost Acres
Rock Band From Ottawa, Ontario.
Band Members
Nick "Cha-ching!" Price - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Zack "Jeb" Bryan - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Dawson "Double D" Doyle - Guitar, Vocals
Mike "Cactus" Milito - Bass, Keys, Vocals
Aaron "Arrow" Falsetto - Drums
Ostrich Bouquet
Ostrich Bouquet is a psychedelic post-rock melange from Montreal. Their debut EP, On Time, as Usual, was released in November 2017. The seven-track EP is as smooth a listen as you can get, mixing elements of jazz, ambient, and experimental music. If you enjoy the worlds of Tame Impala, Radiohead, and The Beatles, dip into these tunes and space out for a little.
Band Members
Davide Ventulieri - Bass, Vocals
Jeremy Bozzo - Guitar
Kyle Podwalski - Keys, Guitar, Vocals
Michael Tomizzi - Drums
Elephant Jake
Elephant Jake is an Indie-Punk band from Orange County NY.
Band Members
Colin Harrison- Guitar/Vox
Sal Fratto- Guitar/Vox
Andrew Demarest- Drums
Kyle Mabee- Bass
Lynette Wilson
Ottawa singer/songwriter.
Jul 12, Thu, 2018
Kate Ferencz
Formerly based in Brooklyn, the Philadelphia synth-pop singer/songwriter combines a child-like whimsy with somber titles like Worshiping the Devil.
Ferencz discusses her creative process and gives an energetic live performance featuring picks from her new album Dumb Hearts, Dumb Flowers, available on her Bandcamp.
This Hip-Hop group uses beatboxing to drive smooth tracks and vocal melodies. Then they HIT you with rhymes that even your mother would call "dope".
Height Keech
Height Keech is a rapper/beatmaker from Baltimore, Maryland.
Height albums have been constantly changing since his self-titled debut was released in 2000. Bed Of Seeds is guitar-based garage rap. Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds retraces the steps of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five. Mind Moves The Mountain merged minimal raps with post-punk beats. The Height catalog is ever-changing, but is intended to stand as one body of work.
Height albums have been released on labels like Friends, Wham City, Illuminated Paths, and his own label, Cold Rhymes. Height has collaborated with Wye Oak, Tobacco, Cex, CX Kidtronik and Grand Buffet.
Height’s been on a perpetual tour since Bill Clinton was the prez, crossing the country countless times and journeying out to faraway places like London and Moscow. While most Height tours are DIY affairs, Height’s done national tours with Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader's Music Beat, and joined Future Islands, Beach House and Jana Hunter on the Baltimore Round Robin Tour.
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